The Brand

Lily was conceived in Spain, but born in the Philippines. Lily came to be during an afternoon of mixing and matching uncommon components. The very first pair of Lily earrings was actually conceptualized within a span of three minutes arbitrarily connecting semi-precious stones and links of a vintage signed gold-plated necklace.

The same concept of mixing and matching is used until today, but is given much more meticulosity. Lily combines materials from a spectrum of places and is influenced by travel, nature, architecture, artisans' stories, and fine craftsmanship of various cultures.

Inspiration is sought out in every nook: sometimes within the corners of Lily Headquarters while combining components or other times in different corners of the world. Lily doesn’t dismiss the tiniest details or most ordinary sights because even the mundane can be made memorable.

Toledo, Spain (2016) 

Seville, Spain (2016)


Photos are owned by Christella Soriano.